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Periscope two friends during the trip which acts in Turkey (Joe Bernstein with Kayvo is Beykpo) there has been censorship of the media to act on the idea of ​​a new mobile communications service trips by personal live. In 2012 the periscope application Google Play Store and Apple Store has achieved the goals it wants yayınlarak. Periscope live streaming from the computer. Periscope website Periscope has been informed by a knock on the door of the big company project to receive investment from companies Beykpo Jon Bernstein with Kayvo one of the founders periscope bring a better place to take its place on the world agenda. The founders of this company have a positive response from investors periscope field Menlo Ventures in 2014, Google Ventures, Bessemer, Stanford startx, Sam Shank company is said to have collected a total of 1.5 million dollars. With these investments in the global watch periscope, periscope periscope broadcasts live streams and streams often has been seen with the label. Periscope users broadcast they shared the social media of the founders of social media and has attracted the attention of the CEO. Finally, make a black periscope young people who live in the United States action in response to the killing by a policeman came up at shared the Twitter social media. After this increase was aimed at buying the Twitter periscope live broadcast monitoring applications and has met with periscope users. Twitter made a statement to the press after this meeting, the periscope company announced that it has purchased nearly 100 Million dollars. This periscope founders continued to work after buying the periscope company and has acquired wealth by selling the application. Periscope is available only in iOS and android smart mobile phone. What is the track Periscope means one periscopeforweb.net income. periscopeforweb.net periscope mobile applications located on our site pulling the most popular perisop broadcast video live broadcast of the most pleasant and quick publication periscope view.